Clean as a Whistle Home Services

Trusted Pest Control Services Brisbane, Gold Coast

At Clean As A Whistle Home Services, we have a dedicated team of well knowledgeable personnel who are professionally licensed so as to abide by Australian Standards for cleaning. In order to provide you with the most promising pest control services in Brisbane, we are completely equipped with state of the art and high tech equipment in addition to the contemporary technology.

Our reputed pest control company in Brisbane always strives to cater every client with the best possible and tailored services so as to keep every type of premises whether commercial or residential free from any type of pests.

We treat the premises with the best in class pest control services in Brisbane, both outside as well as inside for immaculate results. You can consider taking up our premium residential and commercial pest control services in Brisbane to get rid of any of the following:

  • Cockroaches
  • Silverfish
  • Ants
  • Bedbugs
  • Spiders
  • Pantry Moths
  • Fleas

So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to get connected with us and experience the finest pest control services in Brisbane at highly competitive prices.

Welcome to Brisbane House Washing - Exterior House Washing Experts

Exterior house washing Brisbane offered by Clean As A Whistle Home Services are absolutely reliable and affordably priced. Our company has a complete team of skilled and professionally trained personnel to provide you with premium exterior house cleaning services in Brisbane along with several other places across Australia.

To let you experience the most promising results, we always prefer using absolutely biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products and clean every external part of your premises. The approach our well trained experts have is effective to remove any type of slothful and obdurate stains or moulds. We never use toxic poisons or chlorine throughout, which is considered to get significantly crucial to detriment not only children and pets but the environment too.

Benefits of taking up specialised exterior house washing services in Brisbane by Clean As A Whistle Home Services:

  • We make certain to provide you with absolutely cleaned, safe and environment friendly premises
  • Our services will definitely eradicate the risk of slipping over mouldy and slippery driveways or paths
  • Such unhygienic circumstances result in the slogging various allergies and even make inhabitants vulnerable to asthma attacks. Our specialised exterior house cleaning services in  Brisbane are known to minimize such risks
  • We help to keep the paint intact by providing immaculate solutions to prevent grime, dirt and mould to grow
  • We assure to amplify the value and curb appeal of your property significantly

What all we perform during exterior house washing services in Brisbane

  • Guttering.
  • Driveways.
  • Paths.
  • Walls.
  • Shade sails.

Hire specialised lawn & garden maintenance services in Brisbane

Clean As A Whistle Home Services understands the value and importance of green area at your premises. In order to keep that lush area greener all the times, specialised garden maintenance services in Brisbane are now available. Our company has the expertise to facilitate your premises, be it commercial or residential, with the best in class lawn maintenance services in Brisbane at reasonable prices.

Where others strive, Clean As A Whistle Home Services thrives!

Our company is always backed up with highly experienced and well trained gardeners who are equipped with technologically advanced tools. We bring every necessary tool along so as to cater you with the most promising services proficiently. Moreover, you can consider taking up our dedicated lawn maintenance services in Brisbane on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, depending upon your requirements.

Explore what all is incorporated with our professional garden maintenance services in Brisbane:

  • Mowing and edge clipping.
  • Weeding.
  • Hedge trimming.
  • Replanting.
  • Fertilizing.
  • General garden clean-ups.
  • All clippings removed.

Cheap Ironing Services in Brisbane, QLD

The specialized team of Clean As A Whistle Home Services is expert in doing the boring ironing job swiftly and inexpensively. We know you never want to stand, and iron clothes especially in the scorching summer, and sweating for hours. However, those who hate ironing can leave this job on those who love to do it. Professional ironing services is a great option available to those who do not have enough time to iron.

In businesses like restaurants and hotels where there is a huge pile of clothing including staff dress and table linen to be ironed. Every piece of fabric in the restaurant has to be clean and perfect. However, no one in the restaurant wants to iron the entire table linen and staff dresses. Here, the restaurant owner can make use of ironing services in Brisbane. Professionals take the entire load and return ironed clothing ready for use. Or, the team can visit your home or office to do the ironing.

By hiring quality professional ironing services of Clean As A Whistle Home Services, you can actually save hours which can be spent on any other task. Moreover, quality ironing services are available at prices you can easily afford. For ironing services under $30.00, however if you want to avail pickup and drop off, you need to shell out additional $10.00 from your pocket.

If the total invoice of the services reads more than $30.00 we provide you pickup and drop off services absolutely free of cost.

Quality Commercial Cleaning Services in Brisbane

It is pretty common in small and large businesses to outsource cleaning to one of the reputed commercial cleaning companies in Brisbane. Professionals of Clean As A Whistle Home Services know that clean and well-kept office reflects the professionalism and working approach of a business. Moreover, keeping the workplace neat and cleaned is a vital aspect of workplace safety measures. Appearance and cleanliness of the office is the very first thing that impresses the client. We clean to create an ideal working environment to raise the morale of your employees which in return increases and improves the productivity.

Unhygienic and unclean office may cause various health problems to employees and this always adversely affects their efficiency and performance. The image a dirty and messy office creates in the mind a client leaves a long-term negative impact on your business. Believing that hiring professional cleaner in Brisbane is very expensive is completely off beam. It is also wrong to assume that it stops the progress of an entire working day.

Hiring Clean As A Whistle Home Services will not halt any of your business activities as contractors can also work after hours and on weekends. Every member of our friendly and reliable team is professionally trained, experienced and fully insured. The team brings its own tools & equipment and non-toxic cleaning agents.

Take up specialised general home maintenance jobs in Brisbane

Clean As A Whistle Home Services is known for state of the art general home maintenance jobs provided in Brisbane and other parts of Australia. We have a team of highly skilled, experienced and professional personnel to provide you with quick & immaculate cleaning and maintenance services without compromising the quality.

The professionals we have hired are impeccably skilled to cater a portfolio of general home maintenance services anywhere across the nation. No task is unattainable for our professionals who are well knowledgeable to tackle any type of condition. We are always backed up with technologically advanced equipment and tools to provide you with the most promising services.

Let us now explore the array of general home maintenance jobs that professionals at Clean As A Whistle Home Services will offer you:

  • Installation of key safe.
  • Removal of any type of rubbish.
  • Repair work of grab and hand rails.
  • TV tuning.
  • Retractable garden hoses mounting.
  • Thorough testing of smoke alarm.
  • Replacement of ripped or broken fly screens.
  • Replacement or repair of broken steps.
  • Assembly of flat pack furniture.
  • And, any other potential general maintenance works available throughout.

Affordably priced Brisbane pool inspections from Clean As A Whistle Home Services

Clean As A Whistle Home Services facilitates its clients with state of the art pool inspections Brisbane. Such premium services are catered with the help of a team of highly experienced and well qualified inspectors that are always ready to meet your needs. Our services are exclusively designed to be compliant with new safety legislation of Queensland.

Are you looking for a safety certificate or a pool inspection? Explore here!

A pool safety certificate is not required if:

You own a house, live in it and do not have any plans to rent or sell it out. In such cases, you need to make certain that the pool you have is on the Queensland Pool Safety Register

A pool safety is absolutely required if:

  • You are planning to lease or selling your property in Queensland. To every buyer, you need to hand over a pool safety certificate as the landlord or seller. Or, for a hassle free rent agreement, it comes out to be obligatory to acquire this certificate.

For immaculate Brisbane pool inspections, we at Clean As A Whistle Home Services have licensed pool safety officers to inspect your premises. They make sure that your fencing and pool are compliant with Queensland legislation and you will be provided with a pool safety certificate without any hassles. The legality of this certificate remains for 2 years, in the case of residential property.

Our pool safety officers will inspect your pool and fencing, and once compliant with Queensland’s legislation, will supply you with a pool safety certificate. For residential properties, this certificate is valid for 2 years.

We at Clean As A Whistle Home Services charge $190.00 for such services that encompass pre-inspection or any other inspection needed until you get the certificate.